no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Go wild! Go WILD! Go Wild, In The Country.

Like I said before I know we technically don't live in the Country, but it seems that way when I go outside at midnight and encounter a large rabbit charging full speed down the sidewalk (not in the grass but right down the sidewalk) and a spider spins one of those cool webs over a foot wide on my side porch where it will hopefully catch some of the approximately 1 million gnats and moths that swarm the side light. I watched big spider doing something with a big white wad (wrapped dinner? Egg sac? Silk ball?) for a few minutes until a moth dinged me on the chin causing me to jerk my head almost knocking my glasses (on my head cuz my prescription currently sux0rs) into the webworks, which are just above face level. I decided to go in after that.

This morning the entire engineering masterpiece appears to be gone. I think it's weird how they spin a whole new one every night. You'd think they could just patch up the old one at least for a few evenings.

We are currently having some kind of bizarro weather pattern where the temp is about 90 during the day and plummets down to 70 at night. In other words, I go to sleep hot and wake up at about 4 am absolutely freezing and having an anxiety attack from being woke up too early. When it happened this morning I decided to get up and go watch the last 7 parts of "The Madness of Prince Charming," the documentary on Adam Ant's career and struggle with bipolar disorder, that I started watching last night before falling asleep. (I noticed the same person has "The Pet Shop Boys: A Life in Pop" up as well, which I should also watch as I had no idea the Pet Shop Boys had been doing anything much less staging "Battleship Potemkin" in Trafalgar Square with an orchestra.) I figure if you're gonna feel mental in the wee hrs then may as well feel mental in the good company of Thee Ant. I don't think I ever had a real appreciation for How Big He Was in England because in those days, most of the bands that were Big in England could only be heard on 1000-watt college stations in Cleveland, plus MTV didn't really get going till I was out of high skewel (and when they did, it's not like you saw tons of British-charts-focused shite on there) so something like "Antmusic" coming out of a little radio speaker in 1980 Lakewood with zero context was more el strange-0 than Top of the Pops. It's a little weird watching Adam go from skinny sexxay young dude to podgy bewildered bald looking old dude in the documentary, but he seems to have maintained way more dignity than Boy George, and at least Annabella Lwin is still purty cute.
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