no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

You take the oil of the coconut and drink it all up.

So, my new "don't read anybody's schtuff that's gonna piss u off" rule is working out interestingly. I almost backslid a couple times and I did slip oncet, but overall, doin' good wit' dat.

Granted, the last couple days with busted trains and bad breaks and doctors (I like my doctor ok but in general I hate going to docs and hospitals, and one of the bad parts of aging is the need to go more and get lots of checkups cuz there's more crap to die from the older you get, or so it seems) have been nervewracking enuf without piling more on. But I think the reason I was reading that shite was to blow off nervous energy and extra negative neurons. My mom used to fight with billing companies and store clerks, sometimes legitimately but I also think for the same reason as me, to blow off steam. If we were Irish dudes maybe we'd drink in bars instead, and invite people to step outside.

Whatever. I'm realizing how much I like and care for and need having around people who are like me, who like the same things as me. It seems like every fackin' body these days is some kind of ex-goth-klubkid. Or else they're a lawya. Or else they are both. Don't get me wrong, there are cool lawyas and nice ex-goth-klubkids, but I don't relate to them. Their lives and priorities are not my own. If you would like to know my tro0 priorities go listen to the break in "Bull Spears" fifty times and they'll float to the top of yer beer glass like the pyramid thingy in a Majic 8-ball.

With that, I offer you the Quote of the Day from Todd Tobias:
If record sales were a factor, we would not be putting out the 6th Circus Devils record this year. We make the records to satisfy the children in us. We're doing our best to enchant ourselves, the way children do when they play.

I love that so much. It reminds me of the days when I used to grub through the Meltzer and the Bangs and the Ben Fong-Torres even, and every Todd interview I could find, copying nuggets that touched me into a notebook that I hid from my parents because I was afraid Mom would make fun of it. I've long since stopped doing that, as I ran out of time and got discouraged and cynical and anyway most of the good thoughts were already thunk or so it seemed. But that quote encapsulates why I do what I do when I bother to do something, anything, anymore. So tired of people wanting paid. So tired of people wanting to be important. So tired of people wanting only good reviews. So tired of people who don't realize that they're just poisoning the air around them.

Bring back the fun!!
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