no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

The Short (Vincent) Version.

Condensed cliffnotes of a looong private post.

August: no shows (nothing good happening)
No travel (not going to the book party, need to save $ anyway)

A month to get myself together. "Detox," if you will.

Approaching this with logic. This is not a magic bullet for improving my life, just something I want to do. To be able to sit down with myself.

No fucking fans and cameras plz. I hate that shit.

"Changing for Good" observed that when you change habits, other things in your life - your work, your personal relationships - suffer. Glad someone finally got down on paper the major reasons I haven't been able to keep up my efforts before.

The last time I got anywhere with a scheduled exercise program was a few months in 2006. I can't say I was happy abt it. Mostly I remember feeling misery in the gym. Then the death penalty work cropped up and killed it. On some level I was probably glad.

Now I'm tired of waking up with the same o' anxiety popping out of the closet. It's gotta be 30 years old dammit. I know that I unlike other ppl keep things - clothes, dolls - for a long time, but this is ridiculous.
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