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DROPKICK MURPHYS Continued! Now with Reduced Sex and 100% More ELF POWER!

I didn't drink any beer at the Dropkick Murphys show, partly because I dint want the calories and partly because I drank a Lot at Heedfest and a little over 4th of July and I dint want to drink any moar. I'd hate to get to the point where I Need booze to enjoy a gig. I went to umpty-bazillion shows before I was 21 and moar after that I managed to enjoy just fine sans alcohol, I'd like to keep it that way. I had a big diet pop instead which definitely made me pee as much as a beer would've and, considering the shite quality of Big Venue Draft Beer, prolly had about as much drunkmaking effect as the same volume of beer would have had anyhow.

I was trying not to eet at the show last nite either but I finally broke down and had one soft pretzel due to no dinner. At least I avoided all the large stuff like fries, nachos, hotdogs etc. While I was busy Not Eeting I ruminated a bit on how come shows at Merriweather always make me Sad to be there Alone. I'm rarely if evar sad to go to any other shows alone so wtf? I could write some hyooge analysis here but the short version is that shows at Merriweather are less like actual Shows where Ppl Go Cuz They Love the Music and more like big social frat parties. You can goto the Cat or the RnR Hotel (where I am incidentally sitting on the floor right naow as me and abt 25 other diehard souls listen to a band named HAM 1 while waiting for ELF POWER to come on) and there will be all sorts of music hedz there along cuz they dig the band or just like to come out and enjoy whoever's playing while they drink a bier. But you goto a place like Merriweather and it's all these groups of Three, Four, Five and Ten college st0odents/ dating couples/ families etc., many of whom couldn't care less what band is playing (esp after numerous bierz) as long as it's popular enuf in the WHFStival sense o' the term that they can feel all Hip abt it at skewel or werk the next day. They're there for the social aspect basically, which is kewl I guess but it made me feel lonely when I went to the shows alone at age 22, sitting on the lawn with my ol' blanket, and it makes me feel lonely now when I sit in the pavilion not eating nachos. I have long since accepted that I'm never gonna meet anybody my age who likes to go to the same shows I do with the same 'tude I do on a reg'lar basis, and that while Ted is good company for a lot of things such as baseball games, restaurants, car trips, picnics and even museums (as long as I can park him on a bench), he hates about 95 percent of rawk shows and is therefore Sucky Buzzkilling Company at these events. I've also learned I'm not the only aging rock head with a spouse who doesn't like shows but unfortunately none of the kindred spirits I know live 'round here (Danny Ramone doesn't really go out anymore, more's the pity). It's a shame cuz I know a bunch of ppl on my f-list here and on Settlers and lossless forums would dig hanging at showz with me, except we don't live anywhere near each other. As The Sopes said the other day on this very topic, "God bless and damn the Internet." ("Like the Pine Club," I added.)

Ah well, Elf Power, a band I know Little or nothing abt except they're from Tha Scary South somewhere and lots of ppl I used to know liked them and I used to read some Random-Chick-With-a-GBV-Name's hellJay. (I think she called herself The Queen of Cans and Jars or summat) and she apparently knew this band personally and lived in their towne and used to post abt encountering the King Elf who I presume is the lead dude wandering around, but then she married some professor and had a kid and quit posting as always seems to happen to good lil' rock chickj...anyway ELF POWER will be up in a minit and then I'll know all I need to know. I have an ESB bier (cuz I have court in tha morning and this day was so stressful that bfore I came over here I went on Etsy and binged on punk sock monkeys) and the PA is now playing Gang of 4 "I Found That Essence Rare" and "At Home He Feels Like a Tourist" and hell, who's lonely? Not me right naow.
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