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After listening to several guitar heads rave about them for a year, I finally went to see Boris with Michio Kurihara. Good show, although Michio clearly is wot makes the band. Nice to see a Japanese band playing something other than noise (tho I like Melt-Banana ok), J-pop (tho some of that is ok too), or visual kei shite in skirts (tho I don't have a problem with men in skirts/makeups, I just get way too much of that on the dorrie boards already).

I bought the Japanese version of their latest release, partly because the Japanese one has this really awesome vinyl puffy sleeve package with a cutout of a heart. The US sleeve is way boring by comparison, just an ordinary cd sleeve with a picture. I know it's old hat to be into how music is packaged cuz we're all supposed to just download MP3s to an iPod and throw the outsides away if we even bothered to buy hard CDs other than downloads, but I always thought half the fun of record buying was getting something cool to look at while you listened.
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