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It's not just that I don't wanna go back to work, it's that on top of that I have class after work. We not only have our one class a week but we have extra makeup classes this month so we can get done two weeks early so the teacher can go somewhere. I don't like this class or this teacher and I can hardly wait for this month to end so I can FINALLY TAKE A SEMESTER OR MORE OFF as I'll have finished all the "requireds." I bet they'll give me some shit about getting my certificate anyway, for some admin reason, they always do. In any event, I just want it to be over. It needed to be over like, yesterday.

I think whatever garbage I was trying to prove about how I Really Am A Creative Person Yes REALLY has been proven, no thanx to the sick bitch who would cast doubt on it. Whatever I do from here on out has to be done outside of a class for a while. My entire life has been going to classes, being all happy about it at first and rapidly reaching a point of frustration with the entire class structure and whoever is teaching. I constantly wonder why other people put such a premium on going to school and have to remind myself that I felt all excited and exalted about it also until I was actually IN it.

On an unrelated note, I dreamed about my late favorite cat, Tabbitha, last night. I was thinking of her over the weekend because the priest at church put an In Memoriam type dealie to his best friend - his dog who just died - in the bulletin. I petted Tabbitha and called her my little leopard. She purred. Then she jumped down and headed for the next room. I thanked her for visiting me and told her to stop by again sometime.
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