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The break in "Bull Spears" as performed by The Textbook Committee. I damn near died. It was that good.

Also "Little Lines" esp cuz I never got to hear Petko and Don Depew rip that up. I was in bed that year, with a wrecked back, and given up on music, on love too. Looking back it seems like a bad nightmare rather than an actual era of my life. My legs work fine now to haul heavy bags full of busted laptops and button machines thru arpts. But I never cease to marvel and give thanks at my ability to walk, to dance. It is so easily lost.

Also, everybody loves everybody here. I don't have the words. I've never experienced anything like it. I just know that some day when I'm old and tottering round the nursing home, this will be part of what I remember.

A big part.
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