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in which I am THIS CLOSE to inventing an Eighth Dirty Word to go with the Seven.

My internet and possibly my cable to my whole house are out again. I cannot tell if the TV is working because Ted, who is elsewhere and can't help with this, has a TV setup with DVD etc that could probably launch a satellite to the moon. why is it that a man can wire up a TV to the point where it needs multiple power boxes and three remotes and looks like the power system for Warped Tour Mainstage, but still cannot pick up his dirty undershorts and pepsi bottles off the floor? I can fix my PC and wire that up but I understand his TV system not a whit, because I basically don't watch TV and it took me a year to realize he even had a DVD player in the house. There are three other TVs here but one has a ded tuner, one is waiting to be hooked up to where Ded Tuner is but we didn't get to it yet, and one I cannot get to power on and I suspect Ted unplugged it to plug in the UPS to my PC that I'm always on instead of watching TV.

I have just spent five hours of time I don't have calling the cable company four times and driving there and standing on line for a replacement modem which did not solve the problem and making a call to schedule service. Grrr.

At least this happened on the day everybody, his mother, and his next door neighbor's cat is posting about George Carlin's death. GEEZ PEOPLE GET OVER IT ALREADY. I thought Carlin was funny and groundbreaking too and I have to admire any artist who gets their case to the high courts (this includes 2 Live Crew) but he was 71 years old and given the amount of substances he no doubt consumed he is lucky to have made it past 40. I am not sure which is more boring, 25 posts mourning the same celebrity or 25 pictures of people's babies or 25 posts about wedding showers and honeymoons. I'll go mull over that while I wait for the cable guy to come.
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