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To dine, alone. To build a private zone.

I'm living life among the Real World Normals for a bit. Because people on here are Wearing Me Out. Look, it's fine to drink beer, watch a leetle teevee, ride yer bike, paint a doll's face, sit up all night in a bar. Fun to do some o' that once in a while. Not every single weekend tho, not for me. Not 15 or 30 miles worth in a day or 15 dolls painted in a month or 3 seasons of a TV show in a week or sit up in a bar every night. People overamp on stuff - it's OK for them if it makes 'em feel good. It makes me feel tired to look at it tho.

What I want to do is have another cup of coffee, enjoy the sunshine, and *not* post about it.

it ain't no sin to be glad yer alive

yeah that.

* * *

and just cuz I canna resist thee iron knee, I think I got a WHOLE WEEK o' shows coming up, after I do a couple other things. Should be frantic. nickyhopkins I may well be in yer neck o' the woods after all, mid-July, no thanks to Doug Martsch hehehe.
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