no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Regularly Scheduled Semi-Annual Cleanup.

OK, so I have this thing where I clean off the fiendzliszt twice a year, once in like June and once in like December. I don't check adds and deletes the rest of the time because I can get way too involved in wondering about that shite and I either don't care that much or don't Want to care that much. Anyway I think I already cheated and cleaned it off a couple months back because I cannot tell a lie, there was shit driving me crazy on there, but anyway given that it's just abt June I did the six-month thang and while I didn't make a lot of changes (having done a bunch already), if I screwed up and baleeted someone who still actually wants on, let me know.

I think you can actually e-mail me again at because I just read my ISP the riot act about the mail not forwarding - it was their fault.
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