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Lori Drew, the slimy mother (literally!) who created a fake MySpace account in the identity of a cute teenage boy to spy on a 13-year-old neighbor girl, Megan Meier, whom Lori knew was mentally unstable; said Lori Drew having encouraged other people to help her post and message on Myspace with said account, eventually driving poor Megan to hang herself in her room, and then the state and local authorities couldn't/wouldn't go after Lori because they said no law applied (plus Lori was supposedly pals with local officials)...

Lori Drew has FINALLY been indicted by the Feds.

Full CNN story, with text of indictment, here.

Funny, I was just cleaning my office a few nights ago, and found the Washington Post story on that whole sad business that I'd cut out of the paper and saved, and I got mad all over again. I mean, the Drews are the turds who after they basically drove their neighbors' daughter to suicide and lied about it/ covered it up (great example for their own 13-year-old daughter who they'd also involved in this shit), had the nerve to bring charges against Megan's parents for wrecking their foosball table and driving over their lawn in a fit of rage. The Drews are human waste in people form.

I usually try to be understanding of other people's wrongdoings and lapses of judgment, but I hope this fat piece of garbage gets put away for a good long time, and that whatever legal precedents need to be established, get established, so the next time some asswipe pulls this sort of shit on a minor, it doesn't take this long to throw the sickos in jail.


TC was just ranting abt our supposedly corrupt justice system. It's things like this that help me keep faith in it.
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