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This Just In: Pop People Suck (But Pop Rocks, Pop Art, and Soda Pop Are Still Cool).

I had a decent time at the Meatmen show Tuesday night and I'm gonna rite summore abt that later, prolly lockx0red, but for now I wanted to post something that popped into my head this morning. Namely, why is it that I generally have decent-to-awesome times with punkx, metalheds, classick rox0rs, psychedelia freeks (assuming they're not too Far Out in Roky Erickson's Neighborhood), goffs (not always super-relatable but always fun to look at and a veritable treasure-trove of nifty online-shopping sites), folkies n' bluesies - but the minute someone defining self as Primarily a Pop-head walks into the room, I stop having phun and start wanting to Leave? That is, if I don't end up getting in a fight with them then and there. Yes, there is a lot of suckilicious pop out there, but's not like Brian Wilson's music is awful to listen to, really, and Pop doesn't have the bad music market cornered by a long shot. Some pop bands like the ever-popular Beatles are downright upright!

So why the Isshues? I was sitting around reviewing the musical ppl I'd known in my life and came to the conclusion that overall, I get along the worst with people who are primarily pop-heads. There just seems to be a high chance that they're gonna end up either yelling at me, disliking me for some bizarre (to me) reason, or pissing me off so bad I want to holler at them. By contrast, I rarely get annnoyed at punkers or metallers. If I do it's more of the "ah he's acting stupid cuz he's in a bad mood, give him a day he'll get over it" variety.

Bottom line is if you're straight-up with either of these groups of people everything usually works out cool. I'm generalizing a bit here but my experience of punks is kinda like, they get hot under the collar but they're over it within a couple weeks usually, maybe even a couple days. And metalheds are like, the least violent, most calm and peaceful people I know a lot of the time. Whereas, it's the person who sits around spinning old Posies rekkids who's most apt to fly into a tizzy and have a complete meltdown and go home and beat their pillows and scream over some remark I made. Or just not "get" me and treat me like a piece of shit in ways I can't even fathom.

I think half my problems with Postal Blowjob stemmed from the fact that too many people on there were poppy head-bobbers, and poppy head-bobbers might not handle conflicts or individuality very well. It's like they expect the world to be one big Partridge Bunch fun fair all the time. I am sweepingly generalissimizing here and I'm sure there are exceptions to this idea, just as I know there are some horribly violent irrational killer punks in the world (I have a book about one of these on the bookshelf like 10 feet away). But in general I'm staying away from anybody else who wants sweet Aeolian cadences with witty lyrics and rhymes and puppies and little children and beach walks hand-in-hand through a posy patch with popsicles, as a general thang. Cuz it's either a facade or a World I Don't Fit In. I'm minded of somebody who was on this jernal years ago expounding on how mosh pits were dangerous and might hurt his girlfriend. ??? !!! I thought that was weird then and I think it's weird now. If the pit is truly dangerous I move, but lots of times I like to stand on the edge, and sometimes, rarely now I'm old and have a Bad Back and can't remember where I put my steel toed boots, but SomeTimes, I'll take a run through for ol' times sake. Because people in the pit are happy, and they're Real. Fake plastic flowers and people who act nice but scream at you or ignore you at the drop of a hat, aren't. And those ppl have all the same troubles as everybody else, half of 'em are on the dang Happy Pills (Can I give thanks that I'm NOT without any bad intent wrapped up in it?) or they're drunkies or druggies or have Problems At Home just like all the supposedly "dark" or "negative" or "wotever" ppl. They just deal with it worse, and take it out on ppl...

Anyway like I said I'm probly tarring a few people with the sticky candy-coated rainbow brush who don't deserve it, but it's somefing to think about.
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