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Was not great. It was also not bad. Things are okay right now. They could be better. They also could be, and have been, much worse.

Stuff gets worked out, cleaned, organized, repaired, coped with, dealt with, managed, decided, moved forward upon, put away, thrown away, laid to rest, destroyed, or otherwise checked off the list, one shelf/ pile/ drawer/ item/ heap/ corner/ pound/ day/ minute/ idea/ concept/ proposal/ plan/ dream/ buckit/ tupperware/ bag/ bowl/ pitcher/ basket/ plate/ step/ wave/ inch/ box/ or other unit at a time.

Sometimes okay is O.K.

I did overhaul my profile and my interests and disinterests lists today. This seemed like a critical activity right now.

Also I wanted to say I appreciate everybody who comments on this elljay even if I don't answer you back right at that time.

Carry on. Love is coming. Love is coming to us allll.
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