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I felt like crap on a cracker today, but I made myself get back on the jewelry pony after having missed the last two weeks. Teacher still flinches when I say things like, "You wanna see my junk?" I've noticed my other classmates talk a lot abt their work and seem to think a lot abt ideas. I don't really want to talk abt my work, I just want to be left alone so I can mak stuf. I mean...when you turn a kid loose in one of those Creative Playcenters with 100 bins of paper, paint, glitter, feathers, do you make him tell u whut he's gonna do and draw you a diagram of it first? Or do you just let him Get Down And Get With It?

I toured a factory last week and prolly got 75 ideas for peeces in an hour, 73 of which I had to reject due to severe time lackage. I hope someday I learn to make aluminiummm crap too. I drew a diagram for my final piece based on the company logo and my teacher freaked out that it was so little and I had to explain to her it was an inch square cuz I doodled it in my margin while I was s'posed to be in a meeting and the Real One would be biggerer. I mean c'mon it was on a torn scrap of yellow legal pad, obviously I didn't sit down all ahteestick and scrawl it thar.

Ennyway I managed to like 99% finish my earring which doesn't look bad yo and is the shape of a small Egg and mostly empty space :) yes that's Earring, singular. I only have one pierced ear. And when it comes to art earrings, I can't think of anything more boring than to have to make two of a kind. I want my pieces to look like something Cool you'd find on the sidewalk and take home to play with. And when do you evar find two identical of tha same thing?

I cast another little bitty plastic Indian face, this time in sterl for another piece. I'm getting really good at dumping the molten metal straight down the teenty hole in mah clay caster. It's hard to think abt yer trubbles or much of anything else when you're busy trying not to fuck up like a Johnny Tremayne Lite. Anyway, class is like everything else - a big pain in the arse to make yrself go but you feel good when it's over over there. I dunno why we can't bee enthused abt stuff when we know we'll be happy bout it later but hey we are just seely arsed hyoomangs.
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