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Today was annoying. It started off with me awakening from an unwanted dream starring Somebody who I Don't like, Don't find attractive and who Doesn't act at all in waking life as they do in dreams. Even if I don't take the dream literally but instead interpret the person as symbolic or representing some other desire o' mine, I still don't much like what that dream had to say.

When I finally hauled ass out of bed (it was COLD this morning) I confirmed that my ancient PC monitor was indeed Gone Home to Jayzuz, which I'd suspected when I couldn't get it to turn on last night. I attempted to lift it out and swap in a newer monitor that I don't like as well but that works. Getting the old one out of there was no mean feat as that part of the room is a crowded mess and needs cleaned out, but I have not been home to do that and have had other more urgent things to clean when I am. I heaved the thing a few steps, then my back gave out and I screamed for Ted to come help before I dropped it, and he did come running but seeing as how he is twice my size and there was clutter for him to bump I had to catch ten other things before they fell to the floor. Argh.

I then had to go pick up my car at the parking garage so Ted could get to work early. (Why the hell did I have to marry someone who is to early workdays what Felix Unger is to spick-n-spanity? I'm the Oscar of lateitude, a'ight.) I drove the car home and took a hot bath which made me feel better till I came back out and saw I'd left the car lights on. Fortunately the battery did not die, but argh argh.

Next I had to take something expensive to the PO to be sent back to Korea before the sellers (who sent me the wrong item) "hound" me (<---very bad inside pun) any more abt it. Because it is Expensive, I used the fastest and fanciest shipping method, Global Express Guaranteed. Apparently almost no one uses this and it requires two big forms to be perfectly filled out or item will be returned to us. It took no less than four (4) postal workers to make sure it was all done right. On top of that, the US post office computers apparently do not recognize the term "South Korea" causing one to have to figure out if it is "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea" or "The Republic of Korea" or some such international studies goop at 10 in the morning. Apparently just saying "whichever one has Seoul in it" is not good enuf for government work. Instead of my hick little post office I should have gone to the Georgetown Station PO where the counter dudes probably have university degrees and studied abroad and have a grip on their Koreas. I frankly wasn't even aware Americans were allowed to ship anything to the North one.

For the big finish, the post office computer ate my receipt, causing them to have to haul out yet another postal worker, this one an older guy who was apparently the guru of the credit card machines. He proceeded to argue with them for 10 minutes abt how you couldn't just print out a dupe copy and would need to void the whole transaction and start again like a White Wedding. While this palaver was going on, I began to feel woozy and passy-outy because my back was hurting and I hadn't had any breakfast and I'd been standing for so long. I finally had to sit down on the grubby post office floor before I fell down, mumbling apologies while the counter lady hand-wrote me a receipt. I took it and my packages I was picking up and wobbled out to my car with them hollering behind me was I going to be ok and me worrying every step I would not make it and would collapse and concuss myself on the ass-fault. When I managed to get safely in the car, I had to collapse across the seats for abt 10 minutes, then managed to drink some bottled water and eat half an apple that was in my briefbag in the car, and that brought me round enuf to drive to the train and finally start heading for work where I was oh only 4 hours late for a mtng.

When said train hit DC I got one of those inept taxi drivers who takes the slow route cross town, sits in snarly traffic while talking abt his bad debt to someone on a cell fone, and upon finally reaching destination has no change for my 20. By this point I was 6 hours late for the meeting and it was over. Maximum Arghage.

Plus, one of the staff (who doesn't even work for me) appropriated a small item of my office personal property while I was away and though I asked her nicely for it back she hasn't coughed up yet, and I'm also working with a new paralegal who is being recalcitrant.

I am so glad I'm taking tomorrow off. You have no effing idea.
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