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You've Come a Looooong Wayyyy Baybee. (To Get Where U Gottoo 2day.)

I have recently become aware of this book, Attorney for the Damned: A Lawyer's Life With the Criminally Insane, written by a dude who used to represent mentally ill D's in NYC who ate body parts and the whole nine yards. I am not sure how I missed reading it all these years as it is the sort of thing I'd have read even when it came out in 1995, at which time I still had absolutely no intention of ever being an attorney. The reason I have just now become aware of it is that the author apparently ditched the law biz (I guess you can't blame him too much as I'm sure he wasn't one of the annoying hordes carping abt their "work-life balance" as if the people I know who are working two low-wage gigs to pay rent have a better one) and wrote a rock musical based on his book that is now playing. Woah. A rock musical based on lawyers repping crazed murderers almost might be worth a trip up to NYC. It would be even better if the score was Gilbert and Sullivanesque but you can't have everything.
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