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Spring Cleaning.

I'm having a powerful urge to clean off my f-list on here again. My normal plan is to stick to every 6 months for that so the next one would be due in June. I don't know whether it's because it's spring cleaning time or if I just feel I have less and less time to waste as I age, but basically if people never read, comment or answer comments I always wonder what exactly in Hell they are doing here and to be honest, having "friends" be uncommunicative or switch back and forth with the talking/not talking is probably my most detested pet peeve about "friendships" or "friendliness" in general. (Unless you're certain "friends" of mine for whom "not talking" is practically an art form in which case I'm used to it, but trust me those people are very, very few in number, because you'd have to be very very extra speshul for me to put up with it and even then I wonder why I do.) So, just in case anyone cares (or even reads), I am probably going to clean this place out sooner rather than later and deleting them that don't comment, respond or use their journals. I don't want to be around Your Sound of Silence right now. Sorry. Not sorry.
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