no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

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One more...

Looking down on a street of love
Jeweled, paved - fools safe
Like fireflies and lightning bugs
They're the same thing - Dumb lady, maybe not

Others around
Shaving and dancing in poor light
Confused, deranged
Leaping around in short sight

To the next level, oh no way
You pushed me away - don't write me no more
Dread growing up? Do you believe me now?
You lied about me, around me, played me 'round
Cocaine crapshoots - Our love, need I say,
was tested and now is lost in Folly,
A love both shallow and proud

So strong and loud
Be Happy, get high,
Through those years, though all our tears be gone

Dumb lady, do bear the tale about me,
I'm also blind and with you,
It's always gonna rain
Always feel the same
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