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What is Up with ppl?

What is up with ppl whose usericons are all Pictures of Their Own Face?

I mean...I can see having one or two pix of yrself in there, or even the obligatory "LOOKIT, GOT ONE!" pic of you + sig-other (to be vehemently and decisively baleeted when the weelayshunshit crashes n' burns). But if the next three or four icon selections aren't of Somefing Else - yanno, like a fragment of a Dali painting - Barack Obama - a Radiohead cd cover - the evile "Family Guy" baby - really anything other than You, I always wonder...

I see my own face in the mirror abt six times a day when I use the restroom, and really, that's plenty. It has nothing to do with looking Good or looking Bad. I don't feel like looking at me any extra when I look Good, and I don't really care if others look either. A whole jernal of Me looking at me would bore or annoy me in two minnits.

There are so many other groovy things to look at, outside Me.

Oh well...

Next up, "Are there Acceptable Degrees of Psychopathy?" b/w "People who Post their Twitter 'Today's Tweets' and What Should Be Done About Them." Are the two subjects related, you ask? Tune in and find out!!
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