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I guess this can be considered my official "Anti-Strike" post, as much as that makes me cringe slightly. I was just viewing a journal of someone (not on my or anyone else's F-list) who was so rah-rah anti-strike yayyyyy ElJayyyyy that I seriously wondered if SixUpArse put somfing in her drinking water. Please don't take This as That!

I'm pleased to see that a lot of my friends saw the inherent flaws in the strike/ boycott/ whutyucallit, as did I. However, I'm still bothered by SixUpArse's recent policy changes. Now, I know fandumm can be super-annoying and overdrahmahtic and there are A Lot of People Who Just Like to Complain. And I Know that a lot of ppl's triggers are just worn out from being through this on social forum after social forum, to the point where they just easily pack up their online knapsacks like gypsies and scurry off to the next campground. And I Know LJ is a Bizness and has to make Bizness Decisions and has to Get paid and Avoid regulation and a lot of ppl just want something for nothing.

All this, I know.

I still can't help feeling a little sad every time they chip away at communications...pop some filters on and then oh-so-slyly pop them off...make tired-assed explanatory posts in the News section abt how sorry they are when they really aren't sorry at all. As nerdly as this sounds, LJ has been a big part of my life. I met really good friends here, and I met others who, though we eventually went our separate ways, were important or cool people in my life for a time. Several times I had to force myself to stay on here because it seemed very difficult to express myself to a group in whatever mode I was in, and I managed to overcome those challenges and stay, learn, grow. Like most people, I became more cautious about who I "let in" after getting burned a couple times, but there are people on here who have been around for me a long, long, time.

I'm sure LJ is a big part of other ppl's lives too. Maybe bigger than mine. And maybe they, like me, feel a little threatened. Like some part of themselves or their voice might be taken away. The slippery slope thang too. I don't care much about fandumm pr0n, but what if next they go after the trans or the crossdresser or the policktical communities? I'm not active in any of those, but I support their right to be here. What if individuals end up being made to feel unsafe? Yeah, this probably sounds all overblown and shit but LJ is partly about posting your thoughts to a group in a relatively safe environment, more free of censorship and haranguing than a lot of other places. You can control a lot of the safety levels, such as who you talk to and who sees your posts. That kind of control is important to me. It makes this place one of the only ones where I feel relatively free to be myself. Maybe the other people, even the annoying fanly kind, feel or felt the same way?

And yes, I know this is a business just like I know eBay is a business when its users got all up in armz abt the policy changes. The difference is, eBay sells people the ability to sell stuff, to buy stuff, to profit economically thru getting money or goods. Elljay is selling community. It's selling warm fuzzies. That hits closer to the heart. It's all very fine and good to say, who cares about a bunch of wanky HPVerse and LoTR fans. But what happens when the changes reach beyond those groups and affect everybody, wreck it for everybody?

I'd leave, but a lot of my friends are on here. MySpaz doesn't do it for me and I don't want to be on Facebook. So far no one has stepped up to the plate and provided a nice Large alternative where we could go in droves, maybe take our layouts, archives, etc. And (get the fainting couch, sorree) I'm not sure if I'd have it in me to start all over again with the blawgging in a new place. I might just say, Fuggit. And lose a part of myself, maybe lose more friends. That's a scary thought and it makes me feel bad inside.

Yeh I know, I'm a pathetic dipshit. As cynical as I am, I still believe in community, when it's allowed to work and not messed abt too much as SixAp seems to be doing. I better stop now as believe it or don't, I actually do have real life stuff to attend to.
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