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Boring Becomes Electra.

I just got done watching Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst and predictably it brought on a total, complete headthumping wave of homesickness and nostalgia for the 70s, if I could somehow have them Without my parents' rants and routines, Without the endless noise of hamburgers sizzling on volume 12, Without itchy polyester, fugly bouffant hairdos, moustaches and brokitudinousness. Some twit on a forum likened the current state of the U.S. Economy to "The Great Depression" and it was one of those times I'm sorry forums don't have live video so I could laugh out loud right in her face. Sweetie, we're not even at GAS lines yet, much less BREAD lines!

How I miss when the world news was only on for a half hour a day and used film, when men wore those stupid looking hipster-detective suits, when the whole world bathed in late-afternoon light looked like one big San Francisco. Well sure it was no fun being fat and having no decent coffee houses or really decent Anything for under-18 year olds. If I brought it all back now I could fix that though.

I alwas feel weird abt my 70s nostalgia hangupz because that decade was not good to me except by way of the nifty toys and novelties and decors that were out, which I continue to luv. I can't even equate it with missing my parents. If my parents were products of anything it was the 40s and while I do miss them it's a separate kind of missing. Nor is my love for the 70s fairly characterized as a desire to be a kid again. Kid-hood largely sucked. It's an indefinable feeling, sort of like the way I felt when I read the Dare Wright book and the same type wave hit me, a magnetic field I belong in for wotever reason, an inspiration, a hole needing a piece of me to be found, picked up and fitted into place.

I'm more supposed to miss the 80s since that's a decade when I was still young and at least for the first half or so having fun, coming into my own, fitting in more, finally shaking off the overburdening baby-boomer-hippie yoke that had been dictating crap for the past 20 years. Whatever 80s nostalgia I had, and I did have some (I missed the Pink Holes and Death of Samantha more than I used to want to admit to myself) I think I worked it out of my system at the Clepunk revivals. That's not to say I don't enjoy thoughts of Max Headroom and Laura Ashley now and then or hum along to "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" but really I feel like I've done the 80s, I lived 'em once. Plus, so many of my now-friends are 80s babies or 80s kids that I feel like the whole decade is always walking around with me to some extent. Whereas the 70s are just like those older guys with long hair and clingy shirts and faded bellbottoms were when I was 13, in sight but tantalizingly out of reach.

I never did get over my thing for tall thin guys with awesome natural long hair. I can confess now that I thought all those geometric haircutted 80s band dudes looked mostly like dipstix. I saw Peter Frampton in a TV ad the other night and as usual he was Bald as an Egg. I'd seen pictures of him Bald before and I was never a Frampton fan, indeed there were times Back in the Day when I thought if I had to hear "I'm in You/ You're in Me" one more time I would throw my Panasonic Donut out the bedroom window. But having to see him cavorting around live with a completely shaved head like some Generic Aging SUV-Drivin' Major Label Employee, I nearly wept. Thank heaven Robert Plant still appears to have most of his golden mop, it's true his face is looking more and more like The Old Man of the Mountain but he can just shake his curly locks in front of it.
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