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Fair Use Mofoz.

I am a tree, fiddle dee dee.
Though what's in my bezels is hard to see.
A squirrel and a walrus, tee hee hee.

I've wanted to make this piece for about three years and didn't have the skillz till naow. As it turned out, this was so relatively easy to realize, and so many "happy accidents" along the way,like the trunk helpfully turning black on the last quench - you can't predict how that will behave, fer shure - that it was like it wanted to be born. Needless to say I left it uncleaned on purpose in order to get all the textures and colors and whitish fungus effects I remember so well from the old maple tree that used to stand in front of my house, that I played on for literally hours and hours as a kid, and that used to dump a bazillion spinners on our front lawn every year thus annoying hell out of my dad. My last memory of that tree, a view from someone's car as the sun was going down, is maybe not so good, but has now been overwritten. The piece is a little big for a necklace, even for me (6 inch by 5 inch) but will look nice hanging on the wall. Maybe I'll make some little 3 inch jewelry versions of it down the road.
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