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In which it's still way too damn ACKSHUN-PAKED around here.

Since I got my ass back here to the Land of 40 Degrees and No Snow, with only my shoveling blisters and numb finger tips which apparently suffered a week's worth of minor nerve damage while futzing around with the 2-3 foot drifts in the drive Saturday, I have had to deal with class (Note to new teacher: Stop waltzing up behind me and looking at what I'm doing. It bugs me like you're watching me eat or play piano); a filing that went into the wee hours due to the boss' sked; a meeting at the asscrack of morning light that, between the snow and the filing, I was unable to prepare for at all; a required professional society meeting straight out of Beyond the Valley of the Bores; and a late Metro train after I left my Metro pass in my other coat that forced me to sit at the station for 2 straight hours listening to horrible barely audible Italian opera and accordion music blare from the Sbarros until I wanted to murder everyone in a two-block radius. Yes, barely audible music can Blare, and in fact it hurts my wittle ears more than if they just turned the volume the hell UP and quit sneaking around in the bushes with it. My ears literally HURT right now from the snippets of opera on top of the station din.

I'm thinking about going back to the gym and maybe getting a personal trainer. Unfortunately, gyms make me nervous and exercise makes me tired. I don't get how everyone else feels all Zingy and Invigorated after working out, when I invariably feel Bored out of my mind and ready for a nap. Also, the type of people who post repeatedly about their visits to the gym evoke waves of hostility in me until I find myself checking their blawgs with a glimmering hope that a weight bench finally collapsed on them. Please understand, I don't dislike everybody who's trying to shed a few lbs or get in shape. Just the ones who seem to spend inordinate hours gym-ratting with not much of any other Life going on. I understand them about as well as I understand the myriads of unemployed or underemployed persons who rhapsodize about cooking dinner like they actually achieved something big in the space of an 8-hr day. Oo00ooooOOO000 YOU MADE GRILLED TUNA AND VEGGIES WELL LAH DEE DAH, SHADDAP AND GO GET A REAL EXISTENCE. Yup I'm Grumpy but I'm tired of hearing about how you Put an Onion Into the Oven and Smelled Up the House like you just discovered the cure for world peace. Drop dead. Good night, all!
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