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I have a metric ton of work this week. That doesn't really bother me as I need to bill hours this week to make up for time lost the rest of the month when I was exhausted/ on vacation.

What DOES bother me, and I am going to be publick about it right fucking here, is the need for a fucking DOLL BOARD in the name of "artistic integrity" to act as the morals police, short of a court order, when some sculpt looks too much like another one to some idiot's eyes. I'm very sorry to have to say this, but to me A LOT OF THE DAMN FUCKING SCULPTS PRACTICALLY LOOK ALIKE ANYWAY.

The sad part is I like both of the main people involved in this crap and I understand that one is a little bit em0 and the other one is for my money WAY to wrapped up in what goes on with the resin doll forum. I want to like the mods on there and some of them are sweet as pie, but there are a couple who act so fucking sanctimonious they make me want to vomit on their linoleum. I hope they realize that their attitudes and their yammering "sense of entitlement" every time a community member doesn't like something and says so are extremely unattractive to some people. Namely this person here, me.

Also: if modding a forum is going to het you up and stress you out that much, quit. People will find a replacement for you or will find someplace else to go have their discussions. Actually, I would apply that to everything - moderating, commissions, etc. If you don't like what you're doing then JUST FUCKING STOP. Don't keep doing it, all the while bitching that people aren't grateful enough for the massive effort you're putting out. I hate that martyr shit. Grow a spine and either quit or deal. And the same applies if you decide to pay for something - like operating expenses for a board (that incidentally people have proved they are quite willing to donate to). Don't pay for it if you're gonna expect gratitude later. I'm not in the gratefulness biz. And if I say Thank You it's cuz I sincerely mean it and not cuz some high-powered bitch was whining or fishing for it.

I have been trying not to post because I didn't want to let fly with the bitch pitch one more time. It's not going to do any good and people aren't going to change. It's just that I saw something really cool this morning. A thread where people were sculpting a head a day on a theme and posting the results. I would love to do that and the only reason I don't is by the time I'm done with work and my current class projects this week I have zero time. But it still put a smile on my face cuz I want to do stuff like that down the road. And then while I was still smiling and feeling good about that, but before I could write a hpy pst for a change, I went to the next discussion and there was one of my favorite artists getting accused of a ripoff that (a) I don't think she did and (b) get this through your head, people - Even if she did, I Don't Give a Shit. I am sorry to say that because I know some artists feel very strongly about their work and if it's a case of someone just grabbing your digital image and slapping it up on a zillion stickers or on toilet seats to sell on eBay. I understand and I am with the artist. But I am so sick of the constant accusations of copying in doll-dumb, most of which are made by/against people who are too broke to duke it out the normal way with a lawyer, most of which involve crap that is not that different one sculpt to the next in the first place (about as much as anime characters' features are differently drawn when they all have those dorky big eyes and little turnup noses), and most of which seems to involve the same bunch of jerkwad mods rushing in like some kind of avenging angels. Which they most certainly ARE NOT.

* sigh * and that concludes my rant for this evening.

I would like to say thank you to all the people who have bothered to leave me any sort of comment in the last couple weeks. There are several I haven't answered. Please don't think I don't care. It means a lot to me, that people talk to me nicely on here even when I am too hungup to answer back like a person. I have been discouraged with Elljay (and Myspaz) in recent weeks and thinking abt quitting because very few ppl seem to care or talk. Then I remember some ppl do bother and I reward them by ignoring them while I bitch :( Consider yourselves unignored.

One day this blawg will be phun agin. Perhaps sooner than you think.

Speaking of phun I got a great letter from TC today, full of stories about managing the Guitar Center in Hollywood and partying with Bobby Womack and Ron Wood (whose wife had just thrown him out for having a Jamaican baby). I was enjoying it so much I did not notice that TC had not mentioned his gf in like 10 pages, which was unusual. I hope everything is ok and my worriometer is just worrying overtime.
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