no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Hide Yer Pleasurez (on yer back porch, baby).

So, as many of youse know by now, I became a Coheed and Cambria/ Amory Wars fan last year.
Yes, I know I'm too old.
Yes, I know their live show kinda blew last time (tho it did not help that a "friend" of mine decided to send me a bunch of nasty MySpazz messages in the middle of it while I was trying to enjoy myself, until I finally had to block his ass).
Yes, I know they probably suck.
I'd still rather listen to them than the umpty-frat repeat of Genesis. I mean, I think Claudio, unlike ugly little Phil Collins, still has all his own hair, and probably some from a few other people as well. Between Claudio's hair and his voice I think it is true that hair = lack of testosterone, but I've never held that against a person.

I just bought the last Amory Wars comic I have left to read...*sob sob*...they had better write some new stupid something soon before I get bored. Cuz that's the only comic I bother to read now that there isn't any more Love and Rockets. I think there's supposed to be a Series Two involving the Claudio alter-ego and those blue nippleless angel chicks. One can only hope, right?
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