no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

DarE to be eStupid!

OK, Aunty Ranty tyme. I can understand people who sell regularly, feed their families and so forth pitching a bitch over eBay's proposed changes, because they involve eBay grabbing a higher percentage of the Final Value Fees, and that cuts into profit margins, and there's a recession on. What I can't understand is people who only sell a couple things once in a blue moon, or don't sell AT ALL, joining in the sheeple movement and saying "Oh yes I will strike and not use eBay for a week or ever again!!" Um, HEY, you aren't like, using it very much NOW, so what makes you think eBay will miss you? And given that eBay has been around since 1997 and some of us have been on it many times a week since then, if you haven't managed to amass 100 feedbacks so as to escape the Paypal-Freeze-Yo-Sales-Fee-Fo'-21-Days rule, then um, you weren't like, trying very hard, were you? eBay is a business, kids. If you aren't a regular volume user then your account prolly costs more to administrate than the company is making off you, and they don't CARE if you leave and will probably tell you not to let the eDoor hit ya in the eAss as you walk out.

So don't sit there and tell me you use it regularly and have a Little Turquoise Star. I have a Little Red Star and 11 years on the damn thing, and I'm apparently (so I'm told) one of the only legal authors who publishes about it. I found maybe like 5 more while I was cranking out Thee Paper From Hell, but I now have two articles so I could prolly go sit on a panel except that eBay is not eStupid and clearly knows all the same things I "discover," which is why they are putting more buyer protection in place before the gub'mint does it for them. And no, there is no law forcing Paypal to give you your money faster than 21 days! There isn't much of any law forcing Paypal to do ANYTHING, that's the problem, DUH! Dumm fugging buncha hobby ho's don't get it though, which is just another reason why I don't bother with 'em any more than I have to. People apparently prefer being stupid to facing economic reality.
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