no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

In which I don't "get" the appeal of "The Wire."

I am not one for watching TV and if I ever have occasion to watch any DVDs of Series Past, it's prolly gonna be either "The Sopranos" (which I can enjoy better knowing how it ends and knowing that a certain annoying party won't be yammering abt it anymore and comparing herself to a leading character *i-rolls plz*) or "Dark Shadows" cuz I wasn't allowed to watch it when I was a kiddie, due to weird Tommy across the street having nightmares and screaming so loud my parents could hear in their bedroom 50 feet and several walls away. Now that I am all grownup and have nightmares anyway (I think last night's involved a poltergeist shining a light into my office and turning a radio on at random, then after I screamed at it to GET OUT I was besieged by evile partners while in a weird 5 am fugue state), I'd like to see wtf the fuss was over Barnabas Collins and look at all the purty pre-goth chix in their pale pale makeup like original Bradley dolls, and reminiss.

But anyway alot of ppl seem to be into this "Wire" series and I don't get what's so grrreat abt it. Not to put down the ppl who like it, partickularly Lesley and Erika who are two of the awesomest females I have spent time with evar, becuz they don't pitch bitches over petty crap or act in other passive-aggro ways like many females do. Indeed the two of them strike me as being much like Pure Reason and Sweet Rhyme from "Phantom Tollbooth" and if you know them or even one of them you can prolly figure out witch is which, haha. But I dye grass. Ahem, so the premise of this "Wire" show as I understand it is that it realistically portrays corruption in society, society being Malltibore, and it makes you sympathize with actual bad guys sometimes. Whoopdy-poopdy, cops can be bad and criminals can be ppl too! I really needed a TV show to hit me over the head with That hammer, almost as much as I needed Coheed and Cambria to release that dumbassed "Feathers" video but that's another bore-y.

The thing is, if I wanted to know abt corruption in B-more I would simply go down there and wander about and look at it. I don't do that much because Baltimore is like Cleveland, largely uninteresting except to ppl who are From there and a few outsiders who make a serious choice to adopt the place as Their Own for some weird reason. As I am not from Bawlmer, I naturally prefer Land o'Cleves for all my urban decay needs. Wot really kills me is the Washington DC Shittypaper decided to run a front-page story on "The Wire" recently. That was a huge major WHATTHE??! to me cuz um DC rilly doesn't have anything 2 do with Baltimore. DC is where you go to get Away from places like that.
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