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From roses_rejoice's mailbag!

From Sallie Mae:
Not one, but TWO separate letters beginning,

Dear [my name],
With graduation time approaching, Sallie Mae can help you understand your loan repayment options...

Uhhh...that's nice considering I graduated in 2001 and my loans are more than half paid off, duh. Hey, they're from the government, and they're here to help!

From one of my state bars:
Newsletter (every single state bar and bar association feels the need to kill trees, I must get like 15 of these a month, I'm not kidding...add in the stuff I get from my schools and it's a box of junk mail just for this tripe alone) containing article on how lawyers get depressed and touting a new website, Said site has a prominent Legal Disclaimer, hahahhahhahahahahhahahhha.

From the ABA:
Monthly magazine featuring Gonzales on the cover as Newsmaker of the Year, which pisses me off right there because that guy is human waste and an insult to the entire legal profession as far as I am concerned, and why is the ABA putting him on its cover? Put somebody on there who actually did something GOOD for the world. I notice by their website that I'm not the only one who had that reaction, either.

I flip thru the rest of the issue and immediately find ANOTHER two-column article featuring DUDE WTF DID MISTER HIRE THE OLSEN TWINS' PUBLICIST OR SOMETHING? Why am I having to read about this everywhere? Light deprivation season? End-of-fiscal-year didn't-make-billables firing time? Am I the last lawyer in the US who is NOT depressed? Should I be?

I'm not saying I don't have problems. Depression is not one, however. So where is the site for How about

I think I'll just set fire to the rest of the mail. Oops, then I would miss the two or so pieces I actually give a shit about, which in this lot were a card from comraderadmila and an order of Exploited patches.
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