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And a baby's arm holding an apple!

I am ashamed to admit I never understood the meaning of that Tubes lyric till this week when someone (O'Malley ah buhlieve) used it in context. I suppose the fact that the album had a nude womang on the back popping out of a stack of inner tubes shoulda clued me that anything my teener brain dint grok was prolly sumfing dirty. The 70s were one dirty decade, kids!

Also: it would be nice if everybody who ran a DIY label/ promo zine/ booking agency/ publicity blahblahblah for bands blahblah and had a Myspitz/ website/ blahblahblah to advertise said blahblah service would just skip the huge disclaimers abt how broke they are, how sick they have been, how their landlord refused to fix the busted plumbing/heat/ceiling and threw them out and they've been living in a van, and that's why they're 6 months behind on wotever it is they were supposed to have done, and their printer/ promoter/ whatsit just raised the price 100 bux over wot was originally quoted so they have to pass that charge onto the bandz cuz that's how much it costs, blahblahblahblahBLA. I know this stuff happens, I'm not without sympathy, but nobody has time or wants to read the 18 Millionth Occurrence of the Same Ol' Song and Daaaance, My Friend on yer page. And less than nobody cares!

Get a little Malcolm abt you and just post "It'll be done when it's done and it aint getting any shorter talking to you."

If I'm not careful I will take on some big sto0pit project righ 'bout naow just to show it is possible to get some shite done without whining or self-justification.

Whoops, time to make the donuts. I mean the $$.
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