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Pictures of Ice-land, Make My Life So Beau-ti-full...

all done been took by me last week :)

The biggest waterfall in Europe. Look Ma, No Guardrail!

Near the intersection of the North American and European continental plates, which are drifting apart despite the peaceful stillness of thee photo

The famous Teddy of "Teddy Wisdom" presents the lights of Reyjkavik from the kitchen window :)

The rest of my amateur hour shots taken with my awful camera (some of them have flash because the pic looked better with it, and some were taken out of moving bus windows) may be seen here. Yeah, I broke down and got a Flickr account after years of avoiding it because I don't like some of the people who constantly post over there. I decided to leave these pix public so my friends on about three forums can more easily see them, but I think my account name over there pretty much sums it all up.
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