no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Factor Bake Claim (Clean it up).

After giving it some thought I decided to go ahead and do my small f-list end-of-the-year "cleanup." To that end, I've deleted several accounts that were deleted or inactive over the long term. I also removed a small group of active or semi-active journals because either the posting frequency was super-sporadic or I was uncomfortable with some of the content.

I want to make clear that no one was removed out of dislike or being "mad" or any of that. Feel free to say hello when you see me, send e-mail, message or comment on MySpazz, leave me friended on here (or don't), whatever your pleasure may be. However, I now have some pretty strict standards for elljaying and for my friends-only content due to a few people who caused me a lot of headaches online in the past, and I'd rather not take a chance on inviting chaos back in by breaking or bending the rules.

As you were...
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