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In which Livejournal can KISS MAH "UNDERAGE" GRITS.

When I started this blawg it asked me for "birthdate." I never put my real birthdate on stupide I-net shite, not out of any desire to misreprezent. I will happily tell anyone who cares and some wot don't that I'm Fo'ty Fo', cuz I'm not a liar like some wot are all hungup on Age and Lookz - hey wot can I say, I have a love who's already been dead a good long while and a "friend" who tells me I'm old and ugly and gross and disgusting, and I've been called ugly on a regular basis since my childhood. So when u got nuthin' u got nuthin' 2 lose.

But back to Matters at Hand...when I started this journal I listed the birthdate as 2001, cuz that was the Journal's birthdate. I'm sure no one seriously thought a one-year-old baby was typing shite in here back in 2001. I did notice as a side effect that I couldn't get into any of those communities called stuff like "Show Us Your Penis" cuz they required a birthdate show on your profile so you'd be all 18 and shite and save them from the kiddie porn polizia. That's ok since I never had any great desire to look at porn on the I-net anyway. Yes I know that's a shock, sorry I'm weird (and old and menopausal and frigid and crap, yesyes, moving right along)

So now there is this groovy little "Flag Journal" and "Adult Content" feature which means that various people's journals in addition to or instead of being locked have this big banner popup about how people under 14, namely me, can't looky looky. *rolls eyes* For shits and giggles I tried to change my birthdate to something more realistic like 1901, and sto0pid Liveurinal won't let me. So Now We Are Six! Yay, I can go play with Pooh! And I guess I didn't need to read any more dumm middle-aged beeyotches getting their jollies off posting gay Harry Potter fanfics no matter how funny they can be - especially when it's the kind of THINK OF THA CHEELDREN bleeding heart that would slap that shite up on a journal when they could just lock the dern thang.

I just wonder if EllJay will persist for another 12 years so I could "turn 18" and a WHOLE NEW WORLD would open to me *sarcasm*...I have a feeling this blawg site won't be lasting that long and I should back up my crap or have it printed out and start again from scratch. Fresh starts in life are good yanno? I also realize I could prolly straighten this out by sending the LJ Godz an e-mail with proof of my real bdate or some such rot, but because that would no doubt mean I'd have to put my real bdate on this sto0pit blawg, and like I said the fewer nekkid rampant Snapes the better, I think I'll just skip tha whole thing and let the perv polizia continue to think of me as a wee kiddie. Inside, I prolly am that, anyway.
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