no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Roll credits...

shout outs to the following nice Cleeple who made my holiday that much more thankful and giving: lmuenz, lonnepierre and his gf cowboykillerz (nice to finally officially meet Gretchen), gothikfaerie, dlayphoto, evilshell and her friends (thanks for the chocolate Shelley!), the do0dz from Coffinberry, Sun God (twice), Jeremy the Kid with tha Hair, Weird Paul Petroskey (who I know is from da Burgh but I dub him an honorary Cleeblander for purposes of this post), Joe and the crew at the Spitfire Saloon, Michael and his family and staff at Michael's Family Restaurant, and that nice bartender at the Grog who gave me stickers and coke (the cola kind!) for free.

sorry if I left anyone out by mistake

for them wot I din't manage to see this time, catcha on tha flip.
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