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I'm still on hiatus, but even though this story is all over the 'net, I am angry enough to contribute to publicizing it by posting it public here on the big ol' public journal. It's about Megan Meier, a depressed thirteen-year-old who was driven to kill herself after her asshole neighbors, Curt and Lori Drew (also parents, of a teenage "friend" of Megan's), created a Myspace profile pretending to be a handsome new guy in the 'hood and harassed and trolled Megan with it.

The whole sick sad story is here.

Addresses for writing letters to public officials, sympathy cards to the family, and whatever you might want to say to the horrible creeps who did this are here (scroll down). (And don't worry, if that post gets taken down, the public property records for that area have all the same info online. I found it in like 20 minutes last night.)

Worst of all, this is someone pointed out on another forum I read just now,
"Dude, she's not even fat and ugly :("

As many of you know, I too have been the victim, at least twice, of Internet harassment by deranged adult jerks who should know better. It was upsetting and traumatic for me too. It's not cool to have people breaking into your mail, or lying to your friends and everyone you know about you, or constantly posting insults and taunts about you. However, I'm at least an adult and able to defend myself or ignore it. Megan wasn't. And as someone who was once an overweight, lonely 13-year-old myself, this is just unforgivable, in my opinion. I hope at the very least, the neighbors of the Drews make life so miserable for them that they move, and maybe change their name, because they're rotters of the absolute worst sort. I feel sorry for their daughter, for the "lessons" she is learning from her sleazy slime of a mother. I wish the Meiers would bring a civil suit for emotional distress and wrongful death, but maybe they're afraid that would drag Megan's name through the mud or maybe they're just not up to dealing with something like that, having just lost their daughter to the cruel prank of someone who should have been old enough to know better - and adult enough to come forward after it happened.

Back to radio silence now.
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