no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

A Musical Post.

My reward for getting up yay early today and driving clear out to St. Mary's of the Falls to hit up a mass before workshop time was some dude playing a tonne of excellent local stuph on his radio show, CV, MDID, P-shake. Where I come from has teh awesome bandz and nothing compares - I can say that honestly cuz I didn't even recognize who was doing the P-shake to0n and I still thought it rawked.

By contrast, the 90's nostalgia show that was on the other nite made me realize that I turned away from music during the 90s for a good reason, namely because most of it sucked to my ears. Charlatans, meh. Sleaz0teen Fiona Apple, ugh. Better than Ezra, ick city. Counting Crows, well ok i did like "A Long December" if I could picture someone singing it who didn't look like Adumb Duritz, but that was it. The 90s was one big long December all right. 90's music generally blew goats compared to the 60s, 70s and 80s. It's no wonder I was dead inside for most of that decade. I was waiting for music to get good again. I was waiting for you to grow up.
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