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Polter Guys.

Am I Real yet, daddy? If you'd loved me, things would have been different. I would have been a person, been a part of the movie like you were, instead of being the person who was there but Not there, the Man who Never Was, the world's forgotten boy, the One who searches and destroys. I would have become Real, if you'd only loved me enuf. Which you didn't. But here's the thing: I was real all along, yes I was, and am, a flesh and blood rabbit, not a castoff toy. I just didn't know what I was. I thought I was invisible, and sometimes I am, but not all the time. There weren't any other rabbits then, to tell me they could See me, to answer the musical question Can u see the Real Me-me-me-me? with Yes, sometimes, and not recoil or turn to stone from it either. Pretend I'm here or not here or not. I don't need you to dream me in or out of existence, and you can't think me away anymore either. Visible or invisible, I'm right here, I'm always here, haunting, banging your walls and knocking over the pots in the nighttime, not going away, not to be silenced that easily ever again.
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