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1. First of all, THE CANADIAN DOLLAR HAS BEEN HIGHER THAN THE US DOLLAR AT LEAST TWICE BEFORE IN MY LIFETIME. I know this because when we used to go over to Ontario when I was little, the merchants there would make a giant show of asking Americans for the extra nickel or dime if we paid with a greenback dollar, but when the greenback was higher they'd never give us the extra nickel back, they'd just go "Thanks!" and smile real big and pocket the money. So all of you who think this is a BFdeal, please, just spare me.

2. Second of all, and more importantly, THE MOTHERHUGGIN' PAPER FROM HELL HAS FINALLY BEEN SUBMITTED. It's only a year late. But it is OFF MY DESK. (unless it gets rejected everywhere and lands back On my desk, which Could Happen, but let's cross that confounded bridge when we come to it, eh?)

I would URGE anyone who has ever thought fondly or even kindly of me to EXHORT me to NEVER DO SUCH A PAPER AGAIN, EVER, EVER, EVER EVER. Srsly. If I even BEGIN to think about it, STOP ME. Life is just too short to muck about with any more o' that shite.

I will now return to my previously scheduled program of listening to old Bevis Frond bootlegs while trying to crack the password on this Korean site that I forgot and that I can't get a reminder for without entering a Korean social security number that I don't have one of, and drinking about a quart of Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee, till I pass out.
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