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Eat Yerself Fitter.

I used to get a little depressed when I was on here over the wkend and nobody else was for wotever reason, whether that be "still hung over from Friday and getting smashed again tonight," "working at a job without a computer handy," or even "actually takes weekends off and goes out with people." (<---It's not that I object to time off or going out, it's just that with my schedule, I do it when I feel like it and when it fits, which might be 2 am on a Tuesday and not necessarily Sat or Sun.)

Nowadays I find myself rather happy that everybody has taken to largely ignoring this jernal. I never check Marnanel anymore to see who's dropped or added me, I don't care. I don't feel the need to be entertaining or even interesting to other people anymore. I am, however, sick of boring myself to death. Probably this new galvanized feeling comes from Mister Ugh spending about the last three days trying to bust out of my back like the Kool-Aid man on a rampage, and only just now slipping into groove gear. Bringin' ya Fun!

Oh Hai speeking of Fun I got UnderOATH AND Coheed and Cambria presale tix. There's something to be said for liking bands that most of the other ppl you know don't. What it lacks in community, it makes up for in cutting down on the amount of bullshit both positive and negative you're gonna have to hear about it. I just wanna go to a show, jump up and down, eat nachos drink beer and buy a cool t-shirt to wear back at the office. Oh and if the guitarist sounds like shit, I wanna be allowed to say so out loud in front of everybody. There now that's not too much to ask really now is it, no, no it's not.
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