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A Favor House Atlantic.

I'd like to dedicate this post to all the jokerz who constantly post that st0opid meme about "If you're on my fiendzliszt I wanna know five things about YOU cuz I wanna know YOU better," that I constantly ignore because anyone who really wanted to know ME better would make the effort (and then probably change their mynde...)

Here's what I want Really:
Clear out the house back home of everything except a TV and the sofabed we've had my whole life practically, and sit in the living room all day with the front windows open, watching old movies and reruns of "Robert Young, Family Doctor" and soaps, while consuming an entire pot of perked coffee and an entire can of bake-and-serve Poppin' Fresh orange and cinnamon rolls

Then maybe listen to a wrekord and call up all my friends

Am I gonna get what I want Really:
In the words of the immortal Frank Zappa, No Not Now

What do I get Instead:
Terra chips and toys and free lousy fajitas at the biweekly case lunch. People to talk to. Comics and new clothes, and maybe a little respeckt. For a m'fuhin change.

BTW, if you're the type who would only want to be making the cinnamon rolls from scratch, kindly get the hell off my porch.
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