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The Don't Care Bears.

The more blogs I read the more I realize that the only ones I care about reading are pretty much the ones on my fiendzliszt. I never realized how much I could possibly Not Care about the otherwise benign details of people's lives, or be so bored by a lot of them. I'm kind of a little shocked at myself for my level of apathy or even dislike at such benign postings about concerts by bands I don't like, ugly Ikea tables that people are so thrilled about purchasing, cute things said or done by other people's kids or boyfriends or dogs, even the naps people take or their walks on the beach. Maybe this is my way of reducing my world to the size I can handle but I swear, I simply do*Not*CARE that you cooked a nice breakfast this morning and went for a lovely walk, unless you are my friend. Or the eggs spoke to you in James Earl Jones voices or something. Now *that* would be cool.
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