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You're Lost, Little Gnome.

I'm up posting at this unholy hour on a weekday having just come from the Melt-Banana show. Because sometimes you just feel like hearing Japanese people scream for an hour.

Melt-Banana being a much better band than that Go!Go! teeny bopper shite (sorry Angela and Josh), I enjoyed the show despite my mild annoyance at having will-called a ticket with ensuing fees for what turned out to be a half-empty show, and at the lame t-shirt selection. What I did Not enjoy was this little balding guy with glasses, about four foot eleven and looking sort of like a cousin of derekfz if derekfz wuz 50 lbs. lighter and, er, uglyish , who kept walking around in a circle for the entire show. The Black Cat has the sound booth right in the center of the club towards the back, and this dude kept walking around and around it, in bigger circles, then in littler circles. At first I thought he was looking to meet up with someone or possibly to "get lucky" for the night, but after he went through my line of vision about 25 times in a half hour (no exaggeration) I figured he was just walking for the sake of walking, like some old Alzheimer's dude on his backyard wandering path. As I don't need to have weird little baldy gnomes constantly popping up in my face when I'm trying to watch a band, this got annoying fast.

After about a half hour he seemed to have slowed from his earlier purposeful stride, and finally broke out of his circular march to go downstairs, like water that's been swirling round and round a drain finally loses momentum and goes down it...only to pop back up about 15 minutes later, the Chrome Dome Gnome having snuck back upstairs when I wasn't looking apparently. Fortunately the show was almost over by then.
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