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Stop being so surprised.

I don't know why I am still surprised, shocked, whatever to see someone who always seemed to have serious issues with the truth rewriting history completely after a breakup. I'm talking about completely twisting the facts around on situations that I was personally present or part of, receiving real-time updates. I was pretty well convinced this person was sick and off their rocker before but even the more so now.

This is not the kind of thing where somebody can see both sides of the situation. I mean, if someone wasn't "supportive" from someone else's perspective then ok, that's the someone else's perception of reality. I am talking about stuff like saying that YOU "dumped someone's ass" when actually THEY dumped YOUR ass and asked YOU to move out of THEIR house because THEY met someone else. (As well as other reasons that I'm too much of a nice person to mention here.)

I really hope it makes people feel better to lie because I sure don't see the m'f'in point, but everybody in the world seems to do this, to the point where I wonder if I do it too and just don't realize it? No, I don't think I do. If you ask me I will be happy to say whether I was the "dumper" or the "dumpee" and admit that in most cases I was indeed the "dumpee" and in at least one case where I was the designated "dumper" it was because I had already been, shall we say, "constructively dumped" by the other person so it was just a matter of me putting the formal icing on the dump-cake. There is absolutely no reason for me to feel ashamed over any of this. Yes, it hurt, but all of it is over and I find myself in a decent place. So, if it's over for you too, and you find yourself in a decent place, WHY do you keep rewriting and making this stuff up?

I really need to start lowering my overall expectations of people.


P.S. After a careful count, the final tally was: Dumpee=7 (4 of which occurred in high school), Dumper=3, Mutual or "Constructive" Dump=2.

P.P.S. And just in case anyone out there is having a "Too Much Drama"(tm) Moment, let me remind the viewing audience, as well as myself and anybody else who needs to know, that THIS IS MY DAMN BLOG AND I WILL VENT IN IT TO THE EXTENT I FEEL IT NECESSARY FOR MY OWN MENTAL HEALTH, WHEN I WANT TO. So shaddap.
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