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On Positivity and Forgiveness.

I think part of the reason I am so negative is to drive away people who are overly focused on Posi Thoughts to the point of seeming fearful of negativity, like it's a blacksnake that's going to jump out the closet and bite 'em. I can see the usefulness of positive thinking a lot of the time, but not when it reaches the point of seeming denial, of a complete rejection of half the yinyang.

Also, forgiving people and "loving your enemies" is a hella lot easier when you can do it from a distance, just going over their past crap behaviors in your head, rather that have to put up with their assy twattyness in yer face all day long. I may forgive you, I may already have forgiven you, but I still don't wanna have to look at you. Because sooner or later you'll just set me off again, and I'd rather be just enjoying life than dealing with you.
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