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Badd World and Welcome To It.

I absolutely love my big handknit greasewool sweater from French Creek. I got it years ago and for some reason never wore it too much, but this winter I've practically lived in it. Lately because I dunno what the weather is going to do in the night and it's usually something chilly, I've taken to wearing it to bed. It feels so good to wake up warm. I think I'm gonna get a couple moar of their sweaters cuz I've been wanting them for ages and they'll likely get worn because unlike a sweatshirt, you can wear these just about anyplace including werk.

I'm pretty happy about winning a Mitch Ryder doll on eBay! Now if I could just find the Bobbie Gentry one I'd be all set.

I am REALLY hoping I won't have to hear any certain Musicians or Bands covering any more Beers for Fears, especially "Mad World" which I have never liked, the less so since its overexposure in "Donnie Darko" and its overassociation with idiots. Vic used to really love that song when it came out (no he's not the Idiot here) but I never did like it. The "dreams in which I'm dying" line always made me want to yell, "THEN DIE ALREADY, EMO ARSE!" I've further concluded that the only two Ears on Rears to0ns I've ever liked were "Pale Shelter" ( <3 luuuv ) and "Head over Heels" so if yer going to play any of that other Mad-World-Shout-whatevs crap I'm not going to sit through it anymore cuz it makes me wanna barf on yer shooze.

Good day all (where is thee effing tilde on this kbd for the flourishy finish yo)
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