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Watching other people think can be creepy.

This morning was one of those mornings where I could NOT wake up. I kept waking up just enough to roll over and reach for the crackberry, and immediately fall back to sleep. It's probably due to Mister Ugh being mean - one of my major PMS symptoms is the overwhelming desire to hibernate - plus the fact that it's cold out but just warm enough to keep the house heat from tripping on, which means the house is freezing, probably made it worse. I imagine mentally I do not want to be up and doing the 41223 things I'm supposed to do today either, because it's all just too damn much.

Some clown on a BBS made some remark the other day about if friends couldn't be arsed to do something like show up at their other friends' birthday parties, then one should stick with " of the no-maintenance friendship."

I want to barf thinking that this is how people think about other people that they only know on the Internetz. I mean, I don't expect everyone to be Damon and Pythias on the basis of a few exchanged web posts, but I met all my best friends on here. Is __satori somehow not my friend because we haven't met up anywhere but "Digitville"? Does that make it OK for us to be jerks to each other? Why is this reminding me of asshole from three years ago- no, five years now, I lose track of tyme - who thought it was all right to go from talking to me every day to talking to me once in three weeks cuz he met an actual real life person and didn't want to spend time on the Internet? Incidentally I actually did "meet" that person in real life. I consider myself lucky that I had the inner strength to ever "meet" anyone in real life again after how he acted. I could say that about a lot of people I "met" in real life. BTW, "met" is in quotes because you can oh, change a few letters in it and get the idea.

Yeah, I'm still mad. It's my job. I'll be mad till one of us and a few more unhelpful asspeople exit the earth.

I've also not been invited to anyone's birthday party in years. I don't even think most of the people I know HAVE "birthday parties" unless it involves going over to their parents' house with their GF and having a free mom-cooked meal and some cake. Or maybe a band show where people buy the birthday person free shots. I sure don't have "birthday parties" - what would the point be when my actual friends (you know, those "no-maintenance" slobs I met in "Digitville") live all over the country? I well remember the years I slept through my own birthday just wanting to (a) get some sleep and (b) make it be over quick so I wouldn't feel like the world was demanding I celebrate over it when I felt too tired to lift a pinky finger. The years I am awake, I like to just do something with whatsisname. Or travel somewhere. Parties generally bug me. Too many people and too much going on all at once. And if it's not a family party or a professionally catered affair, it usually seems to involve a bunch of loser people getting drunk and high together. The fact that it's yo' b'day does not make me any more entertained by you and five other waste cases out in the yard blowing dope, k?

People's lack of comprehension makes me tired sometimes. No wonder I can't wake up.

I am going to hear some Purcell tonight by myself and I hope it's loud enough to drown everything else out for a couple of hours.

Speaking of birthdays, this venue has some damn good cake so I think I'll get a piece, or even Two pieces, and pretend it's my bday all over again. That's my kind of a par-tay.

I guess me and my family and friends are all just a bunch of weirdoes, and I'm the biggest, weirdest one.
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