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Housekeeping Happiness.

In an effort to shake some of my current hostility, I just repotted that plant and I also cleaned out my office cupboard of several folders of Makework Jobs I Don't Want to Remember From Last Year and put stuff I actually WANT in there, in there. Such as 500 Brooches,500 Bracelets, 1000 Rings, European Costumes of the Sixteenth Through Eighteenth Centuries, The Complete Metalsmith, the North Bennet Street School Catalog, and several Rio catalogs (ok not sure I really Want those but prolly Need them).

I put nice printed bookplates with my name in all the nice books.

Also I found my Hoover & Strong round wire specs stuck in there between a 6th Circuit contract opinion that ex-boss wrote, and some old patents. Booyah!

Never let it be said I don't Do Anything for Myself. Life is not a spectator sport, and I'm not your damn audience.

Now off to buy two slitting files, vacuum bags, a back chair and a copy of Howl...

Moloch! Or should that be updated to Cowabunga! Carry on...
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