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sunlight makes me ill.

I was slow getting out of the house this morning cuz I feel sick. It's prolly the damn pills. Or it could be the damn Bailey's, which I had like a mere two shots of last night and it did nothing for me. I coulda been drinking chocolate milk for all the effect it had.

I prefer to think it's the sunlight. It's all sunshiney and bloo sky out here and I HATE IT. Everybody else (mostly people who come from weird sunny countries as opposed to someplace Normal like Ireland, Scotland or Deutschland) is outside dancing around like happy Peanuts characters and I just want to cringe under my desk. I feel like I was happily lounging around my nice dim ant colony and suddenly some urchin pulled the rock off the top and I have to quick run around and hide all the pupae before I disappear down my ant hole.

I've also been noticing that a whole lot of people significantly older than me have been married a shorter time. This wigs me out. I don't tend to notice how long Ted and I have been married or "together" (<----adds another 10 years) except on anniversaries and when other ppl say Hey I've been with my wife 5 years! Whoo-hah! There are eggzxceptions, like friends D and L have been not only "together" but legally wed for so long they make us look like pikers, but I still see a lot of ppl on the short end of the rectum I mean spectrum. Huh maybe I just notice them more, or perhaps it's just cuz I know art and music ppl who tend to go from one unstable fable to another. Regardless, I didn't start out to set any damn longevity records. I always kinda figured if I bothered to get married in my life it would be about age 42 or somethin' but life worked out differently. Eh well I have to start thinking about some lunch I can eat that won't make me puke in the hideous S-U-N so bye.
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