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T'other nite when I was feeling uber Low, Rob Lowe, whatsisname told me a story he heard at work and I couldn't help smiling out of the depths, so I thought I'd pass it along. This guy at work was telling about how on Easter, he and his wife and their little girl who was maybe like five were driving through some suburban-development-in-progress on their way to church or breakfast or Grandma's or wherever families go way too dang early on Easter mornings. It was one of those developments common around here, where a few new houses had started to get knocked up out of popsicle stix and fiberboard, but there were still a lot of open fields on which more houses and cul-de-sacs would one day be erected if the balloon mortgage market didn't go bust before that happened. (We've always called those kinds of instant development houses "house seeds" cuz you pass a green field and then one day it's got a few houses and then they just keep springing up till there's no field left. We always say that Johnny House-seed must have passed through and scattered house seeds out of his bag and boom, there's another development. I daresay your average apple tree is sturdier, more aesthetically pleasing, and ages better than the house sprouts.)

But anyway, this nice little family was driving along and happened to look out the window and there, coming across a wide open field from the housing development, at some unearthly hour of the morning, was THE EASTER BUNNY. Some dude with a bunny head on, crashing through the weeds with no one else around like a refugee from the set of "The Wicker Man." And on top of that, he was wearing a SPACE SUIT. Yep, a Big Bunny in a Space Suit. On Easter Morning. Needless to say, the five-year-old girl was AWESTRUCK. Hell, I would be awestruck too!

Since then the little girl has refused to listen to any debate about whether the Easter Bunny is real or not. "I know he's real!" she insists. "I saw the Easter Bunny! He was wearing a space suit!"
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