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Cross(ly) posted.

Milhouse481 (2:03:35 AM): do you think that the delpmeisters last words were "i closed my eyyyyyes and i slipped awaaaaaaa - AAAAAAA - AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!" because i like to think he went out on a high note... literally!
Milhouse481 (2:03:54 AM): *rimshot*
Milhouse481 (2:03:56 AM): Ok that was bad
Wax Pumpkin (2:04:01 AM): hahahah. i can only hope so! what a utopian ending, clutching his convulsing heart!
Milhouse481 (2:04:21 AM): i cringed that i even typed that!

tylerpistol: oh man, poor poor brad delp
Milhouse481: yeah.
tylerpistol: can you believe he's gone?
Milhouse481: i find it hard to accept, yes
tylerpistol: i was gonna go pour one out in the parking lot for him.
Milhouse481: what type of beverage would one pour out to honor brad delp?
tylerpistol: maybe it'd be better to squeeze out the contents of a bostom creme donut.
Milhouse481: oooooooooo good call!
tylerpistol: while singing "i'm gonna tell you that i'm gay, to make you go away, amanda"
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