no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

In which I am Culinarily Challenged.

I am feeling Better today for the first time in a while. For one thing, I no longer feel like someone cemented Jimmy Hoffa in my bowel. I attribute this to my taking a brisk noon walk to mail CDs to gothikfaerie from the quaint lil' post orifice filled with rich people dithering in accented English (first, let's kill all the Zsa Zsas and leave the lawyers) and then to shop for bruschetta makings at D&D and Walking back down the cobblestoned alleys with a loaf of french bread sticking out of my shopping bag looking all Riche and Shite, which is the First and Last Time I've ever lived up to that stereotype, and which unfortunately resulted in me forgetting about and missing a conference call, but eh uh I'm human a'ight.

I'm gonna make the bruschetta tomorrow as my alternative to the pizza I can't eat anymore. YEAH MOFOS SOMETIMES I COOK, and trust me it's better than my photography although I ain't a fusspot over either thing thank Seven Eleven. the only thing is I'm not sure that these herbs I bought are named Basil. like, the store has this basket full of bunches of different green stuffs marked "Herbs, 3 dollars a bunch" and all the names of the different herbs, Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme, and Basil, listed on the basket. ("Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme...and Basil" sounds like a late-60's softcore film about couple-swapping in London, dunnit?) With no markings on the bunches. And no identifying pictures like they put in the stupormarkets. I guess the idea is, if you're Swoosh enuf to shop in D&D, you're supposed to be up on your Herbs, Herb. OK well if you're like me and the Queen of Cans and Jars when it comes to buying herbs, as in buying Un-fresh little dried up thangs because your taste buds think they're tasty enuf though undoubtedly not Fresh enuf for those of more rarefied senses, the same way that some ppl get all pained when they have to listen to a .wav file as opposed to a Lossless flac file or wtf ever Get a Life audio nerds OK? you don't recognize what this stuff looks like fresh. By process of elimination I figured out that the Rosemary was that spiky stuff because my mom had a picture of it hanging on the wall in our kitchen, and that the Sage wasn't in the basket cuz it didn't smell sagey like what grows in our yard at home. I know wot parsley looks like. So that narrowed the bunches down to Thyme or Basil and I ended up going and getting a jar of Basil pesto and trying to pick the bunch whose leaves looked like the drawing of the leaves on the jar, and I'm still not sure if I got it right even after looking at 57 pictures of basil leaves online while I was supposed to be Working, but oh well whoop dee shit it's going in the damn bruschetta tomorrow anyway, and as Gerry Rafferty sang, If you get it wrong you'll get it right next time.
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